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Month February 2019

Satanist Fights for Abortion. Loses Badly.

Ah, when good things happen to bad people. How much do satanists hate babies, huh? A woman who is a member of the Satanic Temple in Missouri sued all the way to the state Supreme Court for the right to… Continue Reading →

Gender Change is Good but Orientation Therapy is Bad. Got it.

A Florida federal district court refused to grant a preliminary injunction to prevent the cities of Boca Raton and Palm Beach from enforcing their prohibition of medical professionals performing sexual orientation change therapy on minors. So, killing a small human… Continue Reading →

Progressive Prayer Candles?

Tell me again how leftism is not a religion. • Saint Mueller: Patron Saint of Indictments • Stacey Abrams: Blessed Sister of Fair Fights • Notorious RBG: Angel of Everlasting Dissent (with dissent collar) • Auntie Maxine: Patron Saint of… Continue Reading →

NY Governor Worries About Population Decline. Doesn’t Link to Abortion

The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo blamed budget shortfalls on the population decline in the state. This is the same governor who was cheering late term abortion last week. Hmmmm…population decline and abortion. Think there might be a connection?… Continue Reading →

Hungary Offers Lifetime Tax Exemption for Mothers of Four

Catholicism has been on the decline for years in Hungary. And socialism on the rise. And you’ll never guess what happened. Get this, people stopped having kids. I know, right? This exact thing has only happened every other time socialism… Continue Reading →

Justice Roberts Betrays Us. Again!

Just three weeks after conception, a typical human child will begin to form a spine. If one, however, is a Chief Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, it may take a lot longer. Actually, I used to think Chief Justice… Continue Reading →

Ick. Schumer Smirks as Trump Describes Late Term Abortion

Senator Schumer smirked as President Trump described a late term abortion. What’s wrong with these people? Honestly, this is what it looked like to me:

Tim Tebow’s Perfect Response to someone yelling ‘Jesus’ after his Golf Swing

This is just perfect. I’ll set the scene for you. Former quarterback and current Mets infielder Tim Tebow was taking part in the Wrangler Celebrity Charity Shootout in Atlanta, Georgia. Proceeds support the Tim Tebow Foundation annual’s “Night to Shine,”… Continue Reading →

Can a country so Divided Continue to Exist for Much Longer?

Two headlines. One Country. 1) New York state declared abortion a “fundamental human right” for all nine months of pregnancy. 2) Tennessee governor backs heartbeat bill, ‘any bill that reduces number of abortions’ Can a country so divided continue to… Continue Reading →

All Eyes on Gorsuch and Kavanaugh as Abortion Case Hits the High Court

All eyes on Grosuch and Kavanaugh. Well this is a big one. The left is in full meltdown over this. Some are saying that if the high court decides that it’s constitutional for Louisiana to require all abortionists to have… Continue Reading →

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