This is just perfect. I’ll set the scene for you. Former quarterback and current Mets infielder Tim Tebow was taking part in the Wrangler Celebrity Charity Shootout in Atlanta, Georgia. Proceeds support the Tim Tebow Foundation annual’s “Night to Shine,” an event that gives thousands of people with special needs a formal-prom experience. It’s Tebow, what did you expect?

Anyway, Pat McAfee, a retired NFL punter and now radio personality, emceed and made comments as each celebrity hit golf balls to try to win $10,000 for the charity of their choice.

After one of Tebow’s awesomely awesome swings, one of McAfee’s producers yelled “Jeeeeeesus.” Without any hesitation or breaking his motion in the slightest, Tebow added, “…Loves you.”

McAfee quickly tweeted out “@TimTebow then delivered one of the most perfectly timed lines I’ve ever heard in my LIFE” and it went viral.

What a great role model Tebow is and a great example for young people about unashamedly and unapologetically loving and following Christ.