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Month February 2008

Do You Know What An Altar is?

In case you know what you like but maybe don’t know why, here is a great quote from the architect Geoffrey Webb, from his 1939 book The Liturgical Altar: “The reason for [the Church’s] meticulous directions is to be found… Continue Reading →

The End of Civilization As We Know It

The Mayans were wrong in their prediction that the world’s coming to an end in 2012. It all ended the other night when “The Moment of Truth” aired. This woman literally ends her marriage for the sake of prize money…. Continue Reading →

Out of Iraq, Now!

Well, that is it. I know that I have urged many times against precipitously pulling our troops out of Iraq. I know that I have repeatedly urged us to stay the course due to fears that departure could lead to… Continue Reading →

An Eye for a Tooth

This is a story about a really cool scientific miracle. An Irishman blinded by an explosion two years ago has had his sight restored after doctors inserted his son’s tooth in his eye, he said on Wednesday. I’ve heard of… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – February 28, 2008

Decoding Simon and Garfunkel—”Making love with Cecilia” may not mean what you think. Oakland Cathedral Update—Perhaps the greatest theological failure of our age is making progress. If Only Terri Schaivo Had Been a Horse—Obama’s greatest regret. Not killing Terri Schiavo…. Continue Reading →

Decoding Simon and Garfunkel

Had dinner with my friend Fr. Robbert Barron recently, and he proposed an intriguing reading of Simon and Garfunkel’s famous song “Cecilia,” lyrics below. Most people think it’s a song of a cheating girlfriend. Fr. Barron, though, proposed that it… Continue Reading →

Oakland Cathedral Update

Perhaps the greatest theological failure of our age is making progress. The Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland California is taking shape. As it takes shape, it is living up to the age-old maxim that if a church doesn’t… Continue Reading →

If Only Terri Schiavo Had Been a Horse

Jill Stanek wrote this piece on Barack Obama’s one pronounced regret in the Senate: During last night’s Democrat presidential debate, Barack Obama for the 2nd time said his biggest legislative regret thus far was voting to try to stop Terri… Continue Reading →

Non Sequitur – Volume I

It is my blog and I can post whatever I want – Volume I You know you liked it! Click here for the original you ’80s freaks! Want another crazy video?Check out this Obama attack ad made, strangely enough, by… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – February 27, 2008

Obama’s Face in a Potato—”Is that Jesus in that potato? No. Even better, it’s Obama!” Springfield Cathedral Update—Wreckovation Update: This is mediocre ineptitude, and architect Joseph McCarthy’s building deserves better. Stop Global Warming! Nevermind.—Spectacularly wrong. I will continue to laugh… Continue Reading →

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