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Month May 2015

The Root and End of The Crisis

I’ll keep saying it. The heresy of indifferentism is at the very root of our current crisis. It all grows from this rotten stem. All of it. The schisms and heresies of Orthodoxy and Protestantism are soon coming to an… Continue Reading →

Why Do They Want to Draw Muhammad?

An event is scheduled to take place outside of a mosque in Phoenix where a drawing of Muhammad will be exhibited. The event coordinators are encouraging those attending to come armed…just in case. But I’ve got to wonder, what are… Continue Reading →

Finally. Marijuana Flavored Abortion Pills

Because life has to be so easy that you have to make the abortion pill tasty. This is the ultimate isn’t it? NRL News: In the pharmaceutical industry, as soon as someone makes a widely selling drug, it usually isn’t… Continue Reading →

Obama Tweets Pope The Most Ironic Tweet Ever

Do we even have to snark this up? Or is the snark in this case such low hanging fruit that it would be beneath us to snark it up in this case. President Obama, according to CNS News, was having… Continue Reading →

Plea to Media: Stop Playing Pataki Speeches

I know he’s probably the media’s favorite Republican as he’s pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage but if the media cares at all about regular Americans, please stop playing speeches by George Pataki. I was in the car today when the news… Continue Reading →

Catholic Heroes Don’t Just Appear

Below you will find a special guest post, with which I could not agree more. If you are not already preparing and suffering for the faith now, as the assault begins, you will likely end up on the wrong side… Continue Reading →

Actor Chris Pratt Teaches Pledge of Allegiance to Son. Includes “Under God.”

Unlike our president who leaves God out of everything he recites, actor Chris Pratt teaches his son the Pledge of Allegiance for Memorial Day. It just reminds me when I took my two oldest who were then three and one… Continue Reading →

The Surprising Catholic History of Pretzels

When I moved to Philadelphia I was surprised by the number of guys on the side of the roads selling pretzels. Firstly, don’t buy food from anyone who doesn’t have a bathroom. But forgetting that, the whole thing just took… Continue Reading →

California Assembly Approves Bill Mandating Pro-Life Clinics to Refer for Abortion

“It’s almost like saying that I’m walking into McDonald’s but they’re supposed to put up a notice that says across the street a Burger King or something better is offered.” -Sandra Palacios, associate director for governmental relations for the California… Continue Reading →

Future History

By 2015, the advancement of the homosexualist legal agenda as the principal method of destruction of public religious belief had become increasingly clear. Surprisingly, even though the Catholic Church would become the singular target of the assault on religion, the… Continue Reading →

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