By 2015, the advancement of the homosexualist legal agenda as the principal method of destruction of public religious belief had become increasingly clear. Surprisingly, even though the Catholic Church would become the singular target of the assault on religion, the Catholic Church, from her clergy, to her bishops, even to her pontiff, by and large, offered no serious resistance to its advancement. Moreover, many in the leadership of the Catholic Church openly promoted the advancement of an agenda that brought nothing but ruin to the Church.

As Ireland prepared for a referendum to legalize gay marriage, the bishops in Ireland either said nothing or encouraged the passage of the destructive referendum. It is not recorded that the Pope himself ever offered advance public rejection of the referendum. In fact, history records that at the very same time, the Pope appointed as curial consultant an open and vehement homosexualist.

Within just a few short years, the legalization of gay marriage in Ireland and throughout the west led to the imprisonment of clergy and faithful and anti-religious riots and the death of many faithful.  Moreover, it led to mass apostasy among the clergy as the progressively sought to accept the unacceptable.  Many of the hierarchy who sought to accommodate the agenda became victims of the very same groups they sought to accept and promote, even over the teachings of their own Church.

It has been posited that the Catholic Church could not have known the destruction and hatred that was rapidly approaching, but even a cursory inspection of Catholic voices at the time makes this assumption untenable. There was plenty of warning, but nobody was listening.

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