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Month June 2009

Cardinal Rigali Vs. Congress

You know how President Obama and the majority of representatives in Congress aren’t pro-abortion, they’re just pro-choice. They all don’t want abortion. They all want to work together to reduce abortions. You believe that, right? Well, since when does the… Continue Reading →

My Unforgettable Day

My wife had to work last Thursday and the van needed brakes and the inspection was up at the end of the month. Recipe for a long day. I knew it going in. My wife apologized for not being able… Continue Reading →

Obamateurism:When Is A Coup Not a Coup?

When is a coup not a coup? I guess when President Obama says so. So never mind that President Obama is on the wrong side of the Honduras issue. And if you’re unsure of that just look at the company… Continue Reading →

So Your Avatar is Green. Now What?

So you turned your Twitter Avatar green in honor of the fight for freedom going on in Iran. But now what? Now, you’re stuck with a green avatar but you find that other stories are crowding out the front pages…. Continue Reading →

Apocalypse – Flesh Eating Robot Edition

In the annals of really bad ideas there is a scale. The are really bad ideas (like Microsoft Bob or Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery) and then there are really really really bad ideas. This story most definitely fits into the… Continue Reading →

Caroline Kennedy is a Comic Book Hero?

Caroline Kennedy is being hailed as a hero for women by a feminist organization which is making her the star of her own new “biography comic” in the “Female Force” series published by Bluewater Productions, according to Feminist Law Professors…. Continue Reading →

Honduras For Dummies

Even though I have sometimes been accused of being reflexively anti-Obama, it is not true. When I heard initial reports of what happened in Honduras over the weekend and the reaction of the Obama administration, I took it for granted… Continue Reading →

The ‘Blob of Tissue’ Era is Officially Over

You know how us Christian types are always trying to shut down science. (Insert evil laugh here) So why is it that we’re the ones always embracing new technology and scientific breakthroughs when it comes to babies in the womb…. Continue Reading →

The Radio-Shackification of America

As a Catholic I know I am not supposed to hate, but I hate radio shack. Hate it. Bear with me. My Sirius Radio was on the fritz. I called the support line and the young man on the phone… Continue Reading →

Ebert Doesn’t Know what Pro-Life Means

The new movie “My Sister’s Keeper” deals with the phenomenon known as savior siblings. In the film, which was reviewed favorably by movie critic Roger Ebert, young Anna was brought into the world via in vitro fertilization, so that she… Continue Reading →

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