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Month June 2009

Name The Saint!

Of course, it’s Saint Paul. But this recently discovered portrait may be the earliest pic of Saint Paul. Word has it that in all the other photos taken at the time he blinked or they didn’t get his best side… Continue Reading →

Crop Circles Explained by Stoned Wallabies

So all day long everyone has been talking about the death of Jacko and the cap and trade deal in Congress. But much more stunning news has flown in under everyone’s radar. And this is really important news. For years,… Continue Reading →

Congress Honors Accused Child Molester

Alright. This is getting to be a little much. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. led Congress in taking a few moments to honor the passing of Michael Jackson with moments of silence.Hot Air writes: What’s more irritating here, that the House… Continue Reading →

Today’s Legislation

I’m not a big fan of political grandstanding. I’m an architectural historian. I talk about eschatology and column capitals and HVAC. But today’s vote in the House is big. We’ve all be inundated by the Michael Jackson story , so… Continue Reading →

Is Michael Bay on the Hollywood Blacklist?

Michael Bay’s career has BOOMED for a while. In fact, most of his movies are filled with crashes and booms. Booms are actually what Bay does best. But it seems that with Transformers II, Hollywood wants Bay to go bust…. Continue Reading →

CMR’s 8 Signs of Apocalypse (Vol XIV)

══ 1 ══ Fakers Of The Lost Ark Marion, don’t look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don’t look at it!WND reports: The patriarch of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia says he will announce to the world Friday the unveiling… Continue Reading →

Pelosi: Preserving God’s Beautiful Creation

Nancy Pelosi said today at a press conference: “It’s important and that’s why I’m so glad that people of faith are working with us to preserve God’s beautiful creation.” No she wasn’t talking about God’s beautiful creations like this one:… Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin as Rocky Balboa

I’ve had doubts that the reason the liberal elites attack Sarah Palin so viciously is because she scares them. I don’t doubt it any longer. Yesterday, Sen. Kerry, when talking about Gov. Sanford’s disappearance, told a room full of liberals… Continue Reading →

Family Man Or Freak?

We were sitting in the conference room halfway through a meeting at about 4:45pm. A colleague across the table is nervously glancing at his watch. The boss, noticing his growing anxiety, interrupts the flow of conversation to say, “Hey guys,… Continue Reading →

Neutralizing Christianity

Prayer in public? On City grounds? You know what comes next. Atheists screaming and pulling their hair out. Detroit News reports that a local church has set up a prayer booth in City Hall for folks facing job losses and/or… Continue Reading →

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