I’ve had doubts that the reason the liberal elites attack Sarah Palin so viciously is because she scares them. I don’t doubt it any longer.

Yesterday, Sen. Kerry, when talking about Gov. Sanford’s disappearance, told a room full of liberals that he wished it were Sarah Palin that would disappear.


Kerry’s botched jokes have had a way of revealing his true feelings in the past like when he said to a group of students that if they did not study hard and do their homework they would likely “get stuck in Iraq.” That’s what Kerry thought of people in the military.

GOP hopefuls are falling by the wayside. Sen. Ensign and Gov. Sanford most recently lusted their way out of any hope to attain the presidency. Jindal, who still could make a run, seems to have retreated from the national stage for a while after a much critiqued national speech.

There are candidates out there including former Gov. Mike Huckabee. But I really do fear that although Huckabee ran last year with surprising success, he ran last time as a media favorite because the media liked his underdog status and how he allowed McCain to hold off Romney and thus escaped heavy scrutiny.

Now, there’s one Presidential hopeful that has been vetted more than any candidate’s ever been vetted and come up clean. For about a year now, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media have done everything in their power (and I mean everything) to destroy Sarah Palin. And they’ve come up with nothing substantive. Nothing.

A Palin candidacy might be full of surprises but they won’t be from skeletons in her closet, that’s for sure.

Palin’s Vice Presidential candidacy was a spectacle and the nation witnessed how the elites in our culture dragged Sarah Palin and her family through the mud in a way that no other politician has ever had done to them before. It’s still going on now with Letterman, Kerry, and Democratic operatives, and even a select class of “conservative intellectuals.” She infuriates liberals as much as Ann Coulter but not because of outrageous hyperbole but with a wink and a smile.

But after they attacked her a funny thing happened. After the general election, everyone expected Sarah Palin to go back to Alaska to lick her wounds. Run silent, run deep for a few years. But she didn’t go away.

Sarah Palin keeps coming back. Try as they might they can’t keep Sarah down. So the Democrats keep attacking her, they keep hitting her but she keeps coming back.

It reminds me of Rocky II when Apollo’s Trainer Duke tries to warn Apollo off of a rematch with Balboa:

“He’s all wrong for us, baby. I saw you beat that man like I never saw no man get beat before, and the man kept coming after you. Now we don’t need no man like that in our lives.”

Liberals are used to destroying Republicans who then have the good taste to go away. Sarah Palin is different. She keeps coming. She keeps smiling. She keeps winking. She keeps drawing record crowds wherever she goes. And the liberals in power in Washington and the liberals in the media don’t know what to make of her. So they keep following the old plan of attack, attack, attack and seem puzzled that it’s not having the desired effect of making her go away. And that’s why Sarah Palin scares the heck out of liberals.