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Doonesbury Demeans Sarah Palin

The idiot who writes the comic “Doonesbury” had this to say about Sarah Palin. Liberals are completely obsessed with Sarah Palin’s body and constantly demean her. What a complete jerk.

So…Is Palin Running?

Watch this video and let me know if you think Sarah’s running? I’m thinking yeah. HT Gateway Pundit

Palin Email: “A Down’s Syndrome Baby will Expand your World”

It’s funny. The media downloaded 25,000 pages of Palin’s emails in an effort to destroy her and it may end up doing the exact opposite. While Trig was still in the womb, Sarah Palin wrote an email to her extended… Continue Reading →

“Glee” Offends Conservatives and Catholics

We knew that Kathy Griffin was going to guest star on the award winning show “Glee” as a Sarah Palin-esque character. But I guess the makers of the show decided that wasn’t offending enough of the country because they made… Continue Reading →

Julianne Moore to Play Palin in HBO Movie

You might remember popular screen actress Julianne Moore from her star turn in her commercial promoting gay marriage. And who can forget her performance that turned heads in her voiceover for a Planned Parenthood commercial. Given that, who else could… Continue Reading →

This is Palin Derangement Syndrome

This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Some nuts edited a video of Sarah Palin breathing. Yeah, I’m serious. They edited out every time she took a breath or smacked her lips in her recent video and… Continue Reading →

I Thought Culture Didn’t Play a Role

For years, many looking at the degrading culture have worried that music, television and video games negatively impacted the culture, especially children. Conservatives pointed to loosening sexual morals, violence, and an increase in drug use among youths as evidence. But… Continue Reading →

Palin’s Thanksgiving’s Message to 57 States

This is absolutely hilarious. You all probably know that Sarah Palin had a slip of the tongue and said “North” instead of “South” Korea before correcting it a moment later. Well the media treated this as the top story of… Continue Reading →

OK Yeah There’s Death Panels, So What?

Remember when liberals all laughed at Sarah Palin for tagging Obamacare with the term “death panels.” They all said there was no such thing and if you believed there were such a thing as death panels then you’re as stoooopid… Continue Reading →

Palin Slams Obama But Good

Sarah Palin is amazing. She’s amazing because so often her comments cut through all the noise and hammer down to the truth of the matter. Remember “death panels?” You know Obama does. This is one of the reasons I’m nervous… Continue Reading →

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