We knew that Kathy Griffin was going to guest star on the award winning show “Glee” as a Sarah Palin-esque character. But I guess the makers of the show decided that wasn’t offending enough of the country because they made Griffin’s character overtly homophobic as well.

And then they decided that they still hadn’t offended enough people so they decided to take a nasty swipe at Catholics too by having a character who was a stripper/nun who’s only a nun because she needed a place to live. Nice.

And I love how the stripper/nun says, “I’m pretty liberal for a nun.” Ha! The writers of the show clearly haven’t met some of our nuns.

This little clip is the most I’ve seen of this show but after watching this one scene I’ve gotta’ wonder how on earth has this won awards. It looks terrible. Do they really just give awards to whichever show advances their agenda the most?

HT Newsbusters