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Month October 2012

Of Hurricanes, Kindness, and Vanity

For everything there is a season. After hurricane Sandy there will be a time of rebuilding, for sure, but that is not now. Politicians love to give teary and stoic pledges to rebuild bigger and better after a disaster and… Continue Reading →

Senate Candidate Doesn’t Know what “Pro” Life Means

Wow. This Republican senate candidate is saying he’s pro-life if by pro-life you mean completely ambivalent to the millions of babies being killed and completely unwilling to do anything about it. A Republican Senate candidate said he wouldn’t vote to… Continue Reading →

I Looked And There Was Nothing

Dear Lord. I live up on a hill 270 ft above and about 2.5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. From the corner of my street we have the most amazing view of Fire Island and the ocean. I am accustomed… Continue Reading →

Hurricane Coming My Way!

Hurricane Sandy coming my way. I have some thoughts. 1) Please pray for those in Sandy’s way. 2) As far as a personal intention, my neighbor has this huge tree with a branch right over our house. Please pray for… Continue Reading →

The Number You Want To Look At

Polls, polls, and more polls. What to make of it all. I wish to make a quick point about polls. Nationally the RCP average of polls has Romney up by 0.9. That may not seem like much but… Let’s take… Continue Reading →

Vandals Change Church Sign to “Romney Hates Women”

An Indiana church sign was apparently vandalized to read “Romney hates women” on one side and “Christ voted Democrat” on the other, according to The Blaze. Ironically, Democrats are always the ones carping about the separation of church and state…. Continue Reading →

Prayer Need: Marco Rubio’s 12 y/o Daughter

Amanda Rubio, the oldest daughter of Senator Marco Rubio was injured in an accident this afternoon. While visiting with classmates, she was a passenger on a golf cart involved in a collision in a private gated community. She was airlifted… Continue Reading →

Green Bay Bishop: Vote Dem And Go To Hell

Ok. He didn’t say exactly that, I paraphrase, but that is the accurate summation of his remarks. Bishop David Ricken, the leader of the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, noted in a recent letter to parishioners that voting for candidates… Continue Reading →

Texas Wins Right to Defund Planned Parenthood!!!!

Finally, a court that stands up for a right that isn’t the right to rip babies apart with other people’s money. The Fifth Circuit court essentially told the abortion giant Planned Parenthood to shut their whining gobs and that Texas… Continue Reading →

The Worst Media Bias Ever

As I have stated many times, media bias stories tend to bore me. But sometimes…. Today the news of the horrific denials of help in the Benghazi terror attack have broken. This is arguably one the most scandalous stories imaginable…. Continue Reading →

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