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Month May 2010

President Reagan Honors Unknown Soldier

HT Laura Ingraham

Breaking Bad: The Wages of Sin

My favorite show on television is about the manufacture and distribution of crystal meth in Albuquerque. Yeah, go figure. The show, Breaking Bad, centers around a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston) who receives a diagnosis… Continue Reading →

The Facebook Inquisition Has Begun. Yes!!!

A teacher at a Catholic school announced on Facebook that she was an atheist and now she got canned from her job and is ticked off that she was fired. I don’t know if she technically sued the school but… Continue Reading →

Bus Driver Berates Girl for Religious Views

It’s being reported that a family is suing their school district because their daughter’s school bus driver was caught on tape berating their daughter over her religious beliefs as well as ridiculing her to the entire bus. It occurred because… Continue Reading →

He Hit Me First!!!

What’s the most basic thing that parents teach children? The easiest lesson of all parenting. Don’t play with fire. That’s something cavemen successfully taught their children. But today I found a way to mess it up. When I walked into… Continue Reading →

Iron Baby

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Boy Sings Danny Boy on Britain’s Got Talent

I knew it would be good when I first heard him. But wow. HT Viral Footage

Woman Held Down to Force Abortion?

You’re not going to believe this story about an abortionist who is being sued for not stopping an abortion even though the patient begged him to stop. And not only that, there’s video of the doctor saying that a medical… Continue Reading →


I swear. This is not my fault. I hardly ever talk politics in front of the kids. My daughter was asked in school to write what she would like to tell the president. I think she states her point well,… Continue Reading →

Obama’s a Wanna Be Dictator, Not a Leader

Barack Obama is not a leader. He’s a wanna-be dictator. A petulant one at that. The Hill describes the situation in the White House concerning the BP oil spill: As critics question whether the White House is being tough enough… Continue Reading →

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