A teacher at a Catholic school announced on Facebook that she was an atheist and now she got canned from her job and is ticked off that she was fired. I don’t know if she technically sued the school but she lawyered up and is fighting for unemployment benefits.

The school said the teacher violated a policy that prohibits employees from advocating “principles contrary” to the teachings of the church.

Chicago Tribune:

“I never thought something like that would jeopardize my job,” she said Friday from Phoenix, Ariz., where she was applying for teaching jobs.

Really? How can this be surprising to anyone? Why do people think Facebook doesn’t count? I’ve interviewed people for jobs and then checked out their Facebook only to see it filled with drunken and half naked pictures. Guess what? They don’t get the job.

The school is defending itself rightly.

St. Edmonds took the “appropriate action,” Kristie Arlt, spokeswoman for the Sioux City Diocese, said of the math teacher.

“The main thing is that she stated she didn’t believe in God,” Arlt said. “It’s pretty hard to put that same teacher in front of students in a Catholic school system.”

Nurre said her views constantly evolve and that she is constantly trying to expand her knowledge, whether on religion, astrology, fitness or politics.

“I just like learning about it. I don’t see why that should cause someone to get fired,” she said.

So go on your own personal vision quest for a religion on your own time. Don’t float it out there in the public domain.

The teacher, is of course, saying she feels like her privacy was violated.

But why do people think that Facebook shouldn’t count?