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Catholic School Principal Put “On Leave”

This really annoys me. Just want to run a quick compare and contrast of two stories. A Catholic school principal has been put “on leave” and is in danger of losing his job for allowing students to use 40 Days… Continue Reading →

Catholic School Offers Credit to Students Who Pray Outside Abortion Clinic, Pro-Aborts Lose Their Minds

This is my favorite story of the day because on the one hand it’s wonderfully pro-life and Catholic but on the other hand it annoys the heck out of all the right people and that always gives me such tingly… Continue Reading →


I’m going to explain this in chronological order. It’s the only way. I could go back and forth thematically but it’s best just to tell it like it happened. Last week I woke with a start. I realized like I… Continue Reading →

Lies About School Choice with Mary Katherine Ham

HT Viral Footage

Obama: Catholic Schools Need Not Apply

Choice is for killing children, not for educating them. Understand that and you understand this present administration. President Obama has initiated a national education competition open to all schools. Oh wait. All government run schools, that is. Catholic schools need… Continue Reading →

Jesuit: Our Job Isn’t to Bring People to God

Now, this is depressing. Not surprising. But definitely depressing. I just got this video from the Cardinal Newman Society concering Georgetown University. And it’s a doozy. And here’s the thing -this is what Georgetown is publicly espousing. I can’t imagine… Continue Reading →

Help Piqua Catholic!

Fr. Martin Fox needs your help. He writes: “OK folks, I need your help–more than that, our kids in Piqua Catholic need your help! Our kids are working hard to raise $50,000 for a new gym floor, as well as… Continue Reading →

Catholics Discriminated Against UFO Cult

OK. Stories don’t get crazier than this. Alright maybe the whole thing with thousands of birds falling dead out of the sky in Arkansas is a bit crazier but only by a little bit. This news story concerning a Catholic… Continue Reading →

Westboro Baptist to Picket Catholic HS in Philly

The nuts from Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing two Catholic high schools in Philadelphia on the basis that it would seem that, according to them, that the Catholic school teaches premarital sex and birth control are ok. And oh… Continue Reading →

Court Could Destroy California Catholic Schools

A number of Catholic groups including the Catholic League, Ignatius Press, and the Pacific Justice Institute are asking the Supreme Court to review an outlandish and anti-Catholic decision by the always controversial Ninth Circuit. According to a PJI release: This… Continue Reading →

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