This really annoys me.

Just want to run a quick compare and contrast of two stories. A Catholic school principal has been put “on leave” and is in danger of losing his job for allowing students to use 40 Days of Life activities as part of their community service requirement. reports:

The principal at a Catholic school for K-8 students in Winnipeg has been put “on leave” after he promoted the 40 Days for Life campaign, the Winnepeg Archdiocese informed LifeSiteNews Friday.

Principal David Hood of Christ the King School had urged families to participate in the local 40 Days campaign in a school newsletter, and then told media on Tuesday he was considering participation in the vigil as a voluntary “official school activity,” whereby grade 7 and 8 students could satisfy their 10 hours of community service.

What kind of ridiculousness is this? What’s more Catholic than giving community service credit for praying outside an abortion clinic. And for this, the guy’s being shown the door?! Seriously?

Meanwhile, back in looney liberal land, a professor at a university in Michigan is pushing students to attend an Occupy Wall Street event for extra credit in their academic work.

Weasel Zippers reports:

A sociology professor at Northern Michigan University has purportedly offered her students extra credit for taking part in a local Occupy protest.

According to an email obtained by The Blaze, Professor Jeanne Lorentzen is offering students in her introductory sociology course 20 extra credit points if they attend an Occupy the Upper Peninsula demonstration with her on Saturday. Students who do not wish to attend the protest have the option of writing a 20-page term paper about a social movement to receive the same extra credit. Neither assignment is compulsory.

And guess what – the school seems pretty darn OK with essentially forcing students to attend the OWS event.

Catholics and pro-lifers better start sticking to their guns because the other side surely will. We’ve been bending over for so long we’ve forgotten what it is to stand up. I’m so tired of it.