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If Batman Were OWS

This Bat-signal type symbol was shone on a building during the Occupy Wall Street madness a few days ago. It got me wondering though what an OWS superhero would be like. Bruce Wayne is clearly part of the 1% so… Continue Reading →

OWS Covetous?

Is the Occupy Wall Street crowd breaking one of the commandments? One group in Minnesota seems to think so. They just put up this billboard, according to Powerline.Seems to me they’ve got a point.

Other than the Arrests and Rapes…

Yes. Other than the rapes, arrests, the public masturbation, the way the media covers them, the garbage and oh, the overall philosophies being 180 degrees opposed to each other, the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement are exactly… Continue Reading →

Vatican Suddenly Cool and Popular

Who’d a thunk that the path to popularity among liberals was so easy. Hey, the Church hasn’t exactly been asked to sign everyone’s yearbook recently. The Church hasn’t been in the cool crowd for decades and doesn’t get invited to… Continue Reading →

Catholic School Principal Put “On Leave”

This really annoys me. Just want to run a quick compare and contrast of two stories. A Catholic school principal has been put “on leave” and is in danger of losing his job for allowing students to use 40 Days… Continue Reading →

Occupy Wall Street vs. 40 Days for Life

Let’s take an in depth (and a little snarky) look at two movements in this nation right now. Let’s compare the Occupy Wall Street movement vs. 40 Days for Life. We’ll start off with some visuals and then drill down… Continue Reading →

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