This Bat-signal type symbol was shone on a building during the Occupy Wall Street madness a few days ago.

It got me wondering though what an OWS superhero would be like. Bruce Wayne is clearly part of the 1% so if there were an OWS superhero that could be hailed by the 99% signal, what would he look like, what would his powers be, and what would his crime fighting strategy be?

1) Super strong…smell.
2) Understands that with great irresponsibility comes great media power.
3) He wouldn’t have money for batarangs or other hero equipment so he’d hold up signs saying, “Will fight crime for food.”
4) He’d be obsessed with white collar crime and pretty much ignore all other crime. In fact he’d pretty much support all other kinds of crime.
5) He wouldn’t give chase to criminals because he’s been lying around for so long he gets winded pretty quickly.
6) He’d throw things (including feces) but mostly at police.
7) Get arrested. A lot.
8) He wouldn’t really have a catchphrase so much as just bore everyone with a few memorized lines from Marx and hold up signs saying, “Untruth, Injustice, is the Amerikkka way.”
9) He wouldn’t wear a cape or have an outfit. He’d essentially wear all of his clothing at once because he’s kinda’ between addresses right now.
10) His lair would be Zuccotti park. And it wouldn’t really be too secret.