So the super committee failed. Miserably.

Did anyone expect something different?

Look we all knew it never stood a chance. So now we move onto charade #3.

Charade #3: Wherein both sides propose legislation to mitigate against the draconian measures each side included in the budget deal in order to “insure” that the other side would deal in the super committee. They will propose legislation to both keep military spending AND raise “revenues” (formerly known as taxes).

And guess what? We are likely to have both.

And then both sides can complain about how bad the other guys are while we scratch our heads trying to figure out why that even after we elected a whole new bunch of guys everything stayed the same.

What we really need is a super super committee. Ya know. One that will really force the other side to come to the table once and for all until the next once an for all. ‘Cause if we don’t really come to the table, how can we possibly compromise to make sure nothing changes.

Congress is like marriage. Nobody admits they like it, but they do it none the less. Almost everyone who is married will tell you that compromise is the key to a successful marriage. Of course, compromise means making a big stink but ultimately turning a blind eye to the stuff that your spouse does that annoys you so that you can still do the stuff you do that annoys her. Ya know, compromise.

Hey Congress. I wanna divorce.