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If Batman Were OWS

This Bat-signal type symbol was shone on a building during the Occupy Wall Street madness a few days ago. It got me wondering though what an OWS superhero would be like. Bruce Wayne is clearly part of the 1% so… Continue Reading →

Batman Tried to Save Jesus

My three year old daughter is a Batman nut. She kinda’ thinks she is Batman. Not Batgirl mind you. Batman. Most days, she pretends to be Batman leaping from cushion to cushion saving us all from evil of some sort… Continue Reading →

Finally! Batman and Wonder Woman Marry

I know that common interests are supposed to help a marriage but in this case…maybe it went a little far. The Daily Mail reports: Most couples would hope to feel like superheroes on their wedding day – but this pair… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on the New Batman Movie

Fr. Barron gives his take on the new Batman movie, from his Word on Fire web site.

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