I know that common interests are supposed to help a marriage but in this case…maybe it went a little far.

The Daily Mail reports:

Most couples would hope to feel like superheroes on their wedding day – but this pair went the extra mile and dressed up like them.

Sharon and Neil Vaughan decided to marry as Wonder Woman and Batman because they love wearing fancy dress.
And if you are wondering what happened to the caped crusader’s sidekicks – Robin and the Joker were the best man and master of ceremonies.

Mrs Vaughan, 40, in red corset, blue hotpants, boots and a tiara and veil, made her entrance to the Wonder Woman theme tune.

Her bridesmaids came as the PowerPuff girls while other guests included Superman, the Incredibles, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk and Captain America.

I was always rooting for Wonder Woman and Batman to get together but now that it happened I feel strangely deflated.

I wish them the best but you’ve got to wonder.