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The Perfect 21st Century American Wedding Story

This story is just perfect. It just so perfectly represents where we’re at as a culture right now. With the institution of marriage being bent and misshaped into meaninglessness, a woman has unintentionally captured the zeitgeist of our time. If… Continue Reading →

UK Govt: Hey Marriage Might Be Good for Kids

Hey, you know that institution of marriage that’s been around for thousands of years that Western civilization’s been doing everything it could think of to destroy? Well, it turns out hee-hee, that it might actually be kinda’ good for kids… Continue Reading →

Steven Crowder on Marriage Myths

Steven Crowder sets the record straight on marriage with a bit of off color humor thrown in. So if PG-13 offends you, don’t watch. HT Viral Footage

Married Priest Now Sleeping on Couch

The BBC is reporting that a married priest is saying that priests shouldn’t be married. Two things – 1) Is this really news? A priest agrees with the Church? Sadly, maybe it is. 2) I really hope his wife isn’t… Continue Reading →

Greatest Marriage Proposal Evah!

This is pretty cool. HT Viral Footage

Married Congressman Resigns for…Ick!

A GOP Congressman is resigning but I’m not sure if the reason is infidelity or sheer cheeseballery.The Blaze reports: Rep. Christopher Lee, a married Republican congressman from New York, abruptly resigned Wednesday evening after he was confronted about personal ads… Continue Reading →

For Better or For Worse

Another inspiring American Idol story via Chelsea Zimmerman This is a heckuva guy. Please check out Chelsea’s blog Reflections of a Paralytic for some insightful commentary.

Could You Marry an Atheist?

Could you marry an atheist? I’m asking this seriously because someone I know is seriously considering doing so and he asked me what I would do. He asked me seriously. I answered quickly because it was easy to me. I’ll… Continue Reading →

Uhm. So Rick Santorum Was Right, Huh?

Hey, remember when Senator Rick Santorum said that if judges made all rules governing sexuality and marriage unconstitutional, then soon polygamy and even bestiality would be legal. And remember everyone freaked out and called Senator Santorum crazy. Well… Jammie Wearing… Continue Reading →

A More Perfecter Metaphor For Our Time

Last week I said that weddings being held at McDonalds was a perfect metaphor for our time. Well, this is a more perfecter metaphor for our time. Reuters: Chen Wei-yih has posed for a set of photos in a flowing… Continue Reading →

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