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NBC Today Asks If Monogamy is Passe

Follow the logic used by NBC Today’s show here. They posit that because of a spate of recent celebrity breakups and some shows highlighting polygamy maybe monogamy is done for. Yeah, because we all take our life cues from David… Continue Reading →

McMarriage. Really.

Could there be a story more indicative of our times? McDonalds in Hong Kong are now offering up their restaurants for wedding ceremonies as well as receptions. Yeah, this is about how serious marriage is taken nowadays. I could see… Continue Reading →

We Don’t Need Men But It Takes a Village

I’m always amazed at the liberal mind’s ability to hold mutually exclusive thoughts. I’ve long ago discovered that consistency isn’t the hallmark of the liberal mind; it’s emotion. I was reminded of this yesterday when Jennifer Aniston was quoted as… Continue Reading →

Finally! Batman and Wonder Woman Marry

I know that common interests are supposed to help a marriage but in this case…maybe it went a little far. The Daily Mail reports: Most couples would hope to feel like superheroes on their wedding day – but this pair… Continue Reading →

Marriage as a Life Issue

The Guttmacher Institute released a study this week concerning the characteristics of women seeking abortion which has highlighted once again the importance of marriage. The study shows how disastrous the sexual revolution and it’s consequential disintegration of marriage has been…. Continue Reading →

6 Killer Marriage Tips

I’m guilty of a few of these.

Wacko Lesbian Georgetown Prof. To EEOC

Get to know Chai Feldblum, a radical homosexual activist, who was just placed by President Obama onto the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) while the Senate was out for the Easter recess. Check out this video. It’s scary. CMR wrote… Continue Reading →

Obama Nominee: Do Away with Marriage?

Many conservative and Christian organization have reported concerns about the nomination of Chai Feldblum, a law professor at Georgetown University to serve as one of five Commissioners on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But CMR has uncovered some explosive writings… Continue Reading →

Life is Short, Have an Affair

Wow. Now, that’s offensive. But should we really be surprised? Probably not. In our culture, marriage is not seen as sacred. In fact the term “sacred” has been banished from public discourse lest someone be offended by your religious talk…. Continue Reading →

VOF Pushes For Married Priests

The Voice of the Faithful in a new attempt to stay relevant is now “launching” a new push to allow priests to marry. I’m not sure how this new push differs from the old push but let’s just say they’re… Continue Reading →

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