The Guttmacher Institute released a study this week concerning the characteristics of women seeking abortion which has highlighted once again the importance of marriage.

The study shows how disastrous the sexual revolution and it’s consequential disintegration of marriage has been.

Married women were underrepresented among those who had abortions; their likelihood of having an abortion was one-third that of all women. Both never-married and previously married women were overrepresented among abortion patients and had relative abortion rates slightly above the national average. Cohabiting women were substantially overrepresented among women who had abortions; their relative abortion rate was more than three times that of all women.

Who’d a thunk it? Women who have sex with men who aren’t committed to them for life might feel a little skittish about having their boyfriend’s children.

Guttmacher points out that “the overwhelming majority of women having abortions (85%) were unmarried.”

Abortion is a sympton of a lack of love. The only thing that can truly stop abortion is love. Real committed love. Always has been. Always will be.

When marriage is weakened through easy divorce or the legalization of same-sex marriage, studies have shown that illegitimacy and abortion increase. So maybe one of the most pro-life actions one can take is defending marriage.