Could there be a story more indicative of our times? McDonalds in Hong Kong are now offering up their restaurants for wedding ceremonies as well as receptions. Yeah, this is about how serious marriage is taken nowadays.

I could see this taking off all across the world. Churches replaced by McDonalds. Makes sense.

The fast-food chain is offering up its restaurants for wedding ceremonies and receptions, and far from being a sign of the apocalypse, it’s actually making many couples’ dreams come true. A company spokeswoman notes that, given the ubiquity of the chain, many couples had their first dates, fell in love and even had their marriage proposals take place at McDonald’s, so “it makes it particularly meaningful and memorable to hold a wedding party there,” she said in a statement.

The idea hatched when a couple who met and dated at the Admiralty branch of McDonald’s in Hong Kong held their wedding there. Once word got out that McDonald’s was in the wedding business, they were deluged with calls, and the chain began accepting wedding bookings at three restaurants in the region, according to McDonald’s Hong Kong director of corporate communications and relations Helen Cheung.

The chain is now taking bookings for January 2011 weddings.

Next up? Drive thru weddings. And Hamburglar as your divorce attorney.