Wow. Now, that’s offensive. But should we really be surprised? Probably not.

In our culture, marriage is not seen as sacred. In fact the term “sacred” has been banished from public discourse lest someone be offended by your religious talk. We all know that Secondhand Jesus can be very damaging to unsuspecting secularists.

But at least everyone should acknowledge that adultery leads to broken hearts and broken families which hurts children terribly.

Kathryn Lopez writes:

“Life is short. Have an affair” goes the motto for this no-frills facilitator. There’s no need for confession or guilt. It’s all straightforward and out in the open, at least to those in the know. (Maybe not to the parties who didn’t realize “in sickness and in health” does not cover sleep disorders.)

You should definitely read the rest of Kathryn’s column here.

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