Funny, now that Obama can’t seem to get out of Afghanistan the media start making the case for staying. Where was this cover four years ago? Three years ago? Two years ago? What’s changed? Have things changed in Afghanistan? No. Have things changed at Time Magazine? No. Is there a different President? Yes. Ah.

Barbara at Mommy Life had a great take on this:

As I look at this picture I am wondering why in the world we are still pretending that all cultures are equal. Why does our government try to squash any sense of pride or gratitude for our country and make us ashamed and apologetic? Why are we not teaching the next generation to believe that the United States is an exceptional country? Not a perfect country, but an exceptional one based on ideals that brought us out of slavery, gave women the vote and worked overtime to give disabled citizens meaningful lives?

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And Jill Stanek asks a very pointed question:

Do you agree or disagree that Time should have shown so publicly displayed that distressing photo on its cover? Does Time’s rationale for publishing its photo hold for pro-life use of graphic photos of aborted babies?