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WWYD? Buy Condoms for Kid?

This is an interesting video. A television shows has a 15 year old babyface boy asking adults to buy him condoms. It’s interesting and depressing to hear most of the responses. You get a bunch of mealy mouthed adults absolutely… Continue Reading →

Jill Stanek vs. Dems for Life

Pro-life champion Jill Stanek really says it all here concerning Dems for Life. To give you a hint how in your face it is she called it “Democrats for Life Betrays the Pro-Life Movement.” Normally, I’d put this up on… Continue Reading →

Two Takes on Times Afghan Cover

Funny, now that Obama can’t seem to get out of Afghanistan the media start making the case for staying. Where was this cover four years ago? Three years ago? Two years ago? What’s changed? Have things changed in Afghanistan? No…. Continue Reading →

Video: Off-Duty Cop Hoses Down Pro-Lifers

I’m not sure putting graphic and bloody pro-life signs in front of a church was the greatest idea but the off duty cop who confronts them acts like a real jerk and a bully. Warning: The video contains some pretty… Continue Reading →

Pro-Life Movies?

Jill Stanek has asked for a little help and I bet you couch potatoes are just the group to help. Jill writes: I’ve been asked to make a presentation on pro-life movies or movies with abortion as a theme or… Continue Reading →

The Vote Obama Can’t Defend

The issue of the infamous Born Alive Infant Protection Act was raised recently on CNN for the second time in a month. Seems like this vote won’t just go away, huh? For anyone needing a reminder that bill was brought… Continue Reading →

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