Pro-life champion Jill Stanek really says it all here concerning Dems for Life. To give you a hint how in your face it is she called it “Democrats for Life Betrays the Pro-Life Movement.”

Normally, I’d put this up on the Reader but this says exactly what I think about Dems for Life. I would love to see the Democratic Party be increasingly open to pro-lifers but it hasn’t happened yet as evidenced by the now infamous Obamacare vote. And yet the Dems for Life increasingly cry foul whenever they’re called for prizing politics over life.

Jill Stanek writes:

Friends sometimes find themselves on opposite sides during political campaigns, when emotions can ride high.

Fortunately, just as opponents usually shake hands afterward, so do those friends.

But the rift that developed during the 2010 election cycle between Democrats for Life and basically the rest of the pro-life movement is irreparable, at least as long as Kristen Day remains its executive director.

Day became incensed when pro-life groups fulfilled their promise to target House pro-life Democrats for electoral defeat who voted for Obamacare sans the Stupak Amendment….

Day began publicly bashing other pro-life groups, convinced their motive was not as stated but rather to function as covert operatives for the Republican Party

Continue reading at Jill Stanek’s site. It’s definitely worth a read.