Let’s take an in depth (and a little snarky) look at two movements in this nation right now. Let’s compare the Occupy Wall Street movement vs. 40 Days for Life.

We’ll start off with some visuals and then drill down into the details.

40 Days?



Or 40 Days?

Occupiers? Free college education, debt forgiveness, a single payer healthcare system, income without employment, open borders, more trees.

40 Days? Please don’t kill babies.

Occupiers? Over 700 people have been arrested.
40 Days? None that I’ve heard of.

The media?

Occupiers? Currently 16,700 news articles.
40 Days? Currently 88 stories.

Occupiers? Mainly centered in one city with some other protests in large cities.
40 Days? Nationwide movement with thousands of families at over 240 locations.

Occupiers? Cornel West, Susan Sarandon, and Michael Moore.
40 Days? Uhm. Does Abby Johnson count? She was on EWTN, I think.

Occupiers? Pretty much anywhere in public. It’s kinda’ like Woodstock on Wall Street.
40 Days? They go home or to the nearest CPC thank you very much.


Occupiers? Masks. Zombie makeup.
40 Days? Strollers. Lots of strollers.

Lives saved?
Occupiers? None. Not one. Zero.
40 Days? Over 4,000. And counting…