Emily Miller is Senior Editor at the Washington Times.

Emily Miller was robbed.

Emily Miller wants a gun to protect herself.

Emily Miller lives in Washington D.C.

Uh oh.

But this intrepid editor and future gun owner is not taking no for an answer, at least not yet. She is determined to try and navigate the draconian and labyrinthine rules and regulations that nullify the 2nd amendment in D.C. And she is taking us along for the ride.

I called 911 and the D.C. police met me at the house.When they heard the story, they called in a detective. I got a long lecture about facing down criminals alone. They searched the big house top-to-bottom to look for windows or doors left unlocked by the bad guys to come back for more. Now I was scared. I had promised to watch my friend’s dog, which meant I was spending the night.

I was alone in an empty house with a useless dog. I spent the night in the master bedroom with a dresser pushed up against the inside of the door. I didn’t sleep much. I kept thinking how safer I would feel if I had a gun next to the bed.

The next day, I took to Twitter to ask about how to get a gun. The replies were disappointing: “No 2nd amend in D.C.” “Only one guy can sell weapons in DC- good luck with that.” “Call the NRA.” I knew that the Supreme Court had recently overturned the Washington’s gun ban, so I didn’t understand why gun owners were so down on my idea. My friends came back the next day, but I sill wondered why I couldn’t get a gun.
I want a gun to protect myself, but it seems my city government officials may work against me. There’s only one way to find out if that’s the case and that by going through all the hoops. Keep watching this space or follow me on Twitter to see how the story unfolds.

Emmy, get your gun!