How awesome is this? I’m a social justice Catholic. I’m thinking about quitting my job and Occupying some main thoroughfare in my town now.

Here’s why.

I’ve had a yard sign on my front lawn this entire school year pushing for school choice. Yeah, I’m that guy. So I was glad to see the bishops coming out and really pushing for school choice.

The Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania see school choice as a defining social justice issue of our society. Legislation currently being considered in Harrisburg could herald a new, more just era for education in Pennsylvania – an era in which we focus on the ideal educational environment for each student, not on a mandatory system in which students are assigned to a school based solely on geographic location. The current treatment of these children, particularly children from low-income families, is unjust and inequitable. Families are often prevented from accessing the educational options that would be best for them because of economic or social barriers. School choice legislation that includes vouchers and an increase to EITC reinforces that parents – not the state – are the primary educators of their children.

How cool is that? I love being on the forefront of social justice issues. Hey, anyone know where I can get a copy of the National Catholic Reporter?

Maybe I’ll even start up a group called “Catholics for Choice.” Wait, what?