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Vatican Suddenly Cool and Popular

Who’d a thunk that the path to popularity among liberals was so easy. Hey, the Church hasn’t exactly been asked to sign everyone’s yearbook recently. The Church hasn’t been in the cool crowd for decades and doesn’t get invited to… Continue Reading →

Yes! I’m a Social Justice Catholic

How awesome is this? I’m a social justice Catholic. I’m thinking about quitting my job and Occupying some main thoroughfare in my town now. Here’s why. I’ve had a yard sign on my front lawn this entire school year pushing… Continue Reading →

Shock Vid: Jesuit College Drag Show

Warning -This vid is pretty graphic of a drag show at Santa Clara University, a Jesuit university. I’m sure this was sold as a social justice event to promote tolerance but it’s not that at all. It’s normalizing deviancy. Moms… Continue Reading →

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