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And Upon This Poll I Will Build My Church

You’ve got to love how all the time, especially now seemingly, opponents of the Church bring up polls that say Catholic women heart contraception by a massive majority. Ergo, the Church should change its “policy.” They bring up polls as… Continue Reading →

Great Vid! Fr. John Hollowell Takes on Cecile Richards

Father John Hollowell takes up Cecile Richards on her offer. And wow. Please watch the whole thing. It’s the most inspiring video you’ll see today. Here comes the Catholic Church!!! HT Deacon Dance

Is Castro Re-Converting to Catholicism?

This seems like big news to me. Get Religion is reporting that Fidel Castro may be seeking to be received back into the Catholic Church in conjunction with the Pope’s upcoming visit. This is a mass murderer. On of the… Continue Reading →

Name That Catholic!!!

The latest installment of the hottest web based game show “Name That Catholic!” Here’s a quote: Much water has flown under the Tiber’s bridges, carrying away splendor and mystery from Rome since the pontificate of Pius XII… [T]he banalities and… Continue Reading →

Catholics for Equality Beclowns Itself. More.

Catholics for Equality which is essentially a bunch of Catholic in name only types who send out a lot of press releases. But the media listens to them and their version of Catholicism is promulgated a heck of a lot… Continue Reading →

Milquetoast Catholic Mag to Become Catholic Again!!

This is great news. First the translation, now this! The whole “Catholic, but…” crowd will be reeling upon hearing this news. Danielle Bean of DanielleBean.com and Faith & Family Live fame is taking over leadership of the Catholic Digest. Catholic… Continue Reading →

Will Newt’s Conversion to Catholicism Change His Perspective on ESC?

In the past, Newt Gingrich has been for federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, according to quotes that Ramesh Ponnuru unearthed today on The Corner. In 2001, during the same time that President Bush was being pushed to federally… Continue Reading →

Check Out These Catholic Cartoons

I’m always amazed at all the amazing things going on in the Catholic blogosphere. And I’m always delighted to find someone with unique talents and a strong point of view. Jeff B. Harris is sortuva blogger but really he’s a… Continue Reading →

Yes! I’m a Social Justice Catholic

How awesome is this? I’m a social justice Catholic. I’m thinking about quitting my job and Occupying some main thoroughfare in my town now. Here’s why. I’ve had a yard sign on my front lawn this entire school year pushing… Continue Reading →

Nancy: Cutting Abortion Funding a “Horror”

Nancy Pelosi was asked by CNS what she would do if Republicans who voted against the continuing resolution this morning were angling again to remove funding from Planned Parenthood. And our favorite Catholic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said: “Let’s hope that… Continue Reading →

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