Catholics for Equality which is essentially a bunch of Catholic in name only types who send out a lot of press releases. But the media listens to them and their version of Catholicism is promulgated a heck of a lot more than the views of faithful Catholics.

They’re important because they undermine Catholic teaching in the public sphere.

But this story actually makes me happy because here the Catholics for Equality completely beclown themselves by pushing a petition for Stephen Colbert to enter the race for President.

Please join Catholics for Equality in signing our online petition to our Catholic brother, comedian and late night television host, Stephen Colbert, calling on him to reignite his presidential campaign and reenter the 2012 Republican national primary.

Catholic Republican candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich present a gross mischaracterization of the attitudes of our faith community. Their consistent attacks on the poor, the sick, the marginalized, and the oppressed — including our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters — as well as their blind obedience to marching orders from the Vatican are not shared by the overwhelming majority of American Catholics and must be challenged if our faith community is to continue the political tradition set by President John F. Kennedy and remain respected and trusted in both American politics and governance.

Stephen Colbert was the only Catholic Republican candidate whose views reflected the comprehensive social justice and primacy of conscience our Catholic faith demands. And we need his voice back in the race.

So Colbert is the new Kennedy? Wait. Is that a compliment?

Uhm. Guys. He’s a comedian. I’ll admit he’s a funny guy but President? But Catholics for Equality show themselves for what they are. They’re lapdogs for the popular culture. They’ve mistaken caricature for character.

Their pathetic attempt to be in on the joke reveals them to be the kid who laughs a little too loud at the jokes the cool kids make in a pathetic attempt to be considered cool themselves.