This is my favorite story of the day because on the one hand it’s wonderfully pro-life and Catholic but on the other hand it annoys the heck out of all the right people and that always gives me such tingly good feelings. Is that bad?

A small Catholic elementary school in Canada has announced that students who take part in anti-abortion vigils outside abortion clinics will receive community service credit. How awesome is that?

I literally think I just heard heads exploding up in Canada. It’s a brilliant and wonderful way to exhibit the school’s Catholic identity. What is more appropriate than Catholic schools honoring students who pray to stop the greatest evil taking place in the world right now.

The Winnipeg Free Press reports:

Children at Christ the King School who walk in daily anti-abortion vigils outside the Health Sciences Centre will receive community service credit.

The vigils are strictly voluntary and a family decision, principal David Hood emphasized Tuesday, but he’s considering organizing it as an official school activity as early as next year.

Hood has talked to the teacher responsible for the students’ community service activities, and they’ve agreed that if any kids take part in the vigils, the time would count towards the student’s community service.

He stressed that this isn’t a political thing. It’s a prayer vigil and if parents don’t want their kids to take part in prayer vigils outside clinics they don’t have to.

Now for the cranial explosions from libs.

The vigils are a political lobby, and any school receiving public funding should not be allowed to involve children in political lobbies, said Lori Johnson, executive director of the Klinic Community Health Centre and the Sexuality Education Research Centre.

“It would certainly not be allowed in the public sector,” said Johnson, a registered nurse and former long-time school trustee with the Winnipeg School Division board. “That is ill-considered by any school, public or private. It should be at the cost of losing their public funding.”…While acknowledging that Catholic theology opposes abortion, Johnson said the vigils are a political lobby, and no school should be involved in such activities.

“That’s controversial by any estimation. That is shocking to me — that is a step way over the line,” she said.

So someone from SERC said this is “ill considered” and “shocking” but on their own website, SERC advertises A Deluxe Birth Control kit which they describe as “a useful resource for teachers, public health nurses and sexual health educators” that includes a diaphragm, a Depo Provera vial, a vaginal ring, a contraceptive patch and a pregnancy testing strip.

So kids should be taught how to use a diaphragm by “educators” but praying?!!!! No way. That’s shocking and controversial.

I expect this to be a battle. So say a prayer or two for this little Catholic elementary school that they stand up to the Big Abortion bullies and do the right thing.