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The Facebook Inquisition Has Begun. Yes!!!

A teacher at a Catholic school announced on Facebook that she was an atheist and now she got canned from her job and is ticked off that she was fired. I don’t know if she technically sued the school but… Continue Reading →

Child of Lesbian Couple Denied Entrance to Catholic School

The case of a the kindergarten age child who was refused an opportunity to return to his local Catholic school because his parents are openly gay is creating a nationwide stir, and has even faithful Catholics on opposing sides in… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Scaring Me Off School Vouchers

I was always a big advocate for vouchers for education. Boy, was I wrong. What convinced me I was wrong? The news about President Obama and GM CEO Rick Wagoner. Rick Wagoner was the CEO of GM and was just… Continue Reading →

Applauding Obama?

So my nine year old comes home from school…Catholic school…yesterday and she says that the teachers hooked up a television in the cafeteria for the Inauguration. They were given the option of going over to watch it or staying at… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Attendance of Typhoid Mary

After a grueling and expensive study, CMR Laboratories (meaning my brother and I) has discovered a link between children with perfect attendance records and sicknesses that ravage entire schools. It’s no secret that recently my children all got vomitously and… Continue Reading →

Bishops OK Muslim Prayer Rooms in Catholic Schools

A group of bishops in England overdosed on stupid pills this week and then sadly, came out with a document.Daily Mail Muslim prayer rooms should be opened in every Roman Catholic school, Church leaders have said. The Catholic bishops of… Continue Reading →

Horror Story from Meet The Teacher Night

This piece has no general point. There’s nothing to be learned from this except that I’m a dork and you should never bring a Gulp…no…a Super Big Gulp to a meeting. Last night was the “Meet the teacher” night where… Continue Reading →

Take the Money, Leave the Faith

On June 16, seven Roman Catholic schools in Washington, D.C., were transformed into seven public charter schools by a unanimous vote of the D.C. Public Charter School Board. It’s a conversion story – but in reverse. The archdiocese is creating… Continue Reading →

Why Catholic Schools Are in Trouble

Catholic schools are in trouble in America and in these darkening economic times, we should expect it only to get worse as families find it increasingly difficult to afford private school tuition. In the last two decades, at least 1,300… Continue Reading →

Georgetown Asks: “Where Have the Jesuits Gone?”

The Editorial Board of the student run Georgetown Hoya today asks a question that many of us have asked many many times: “Where Have the Jesuits Gone?” The direction of Georgetown is no longer determined by the principles of Jesuit… Continue Reading →

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