The case of a the kindergarten age child who was refused an opportunity to return to his local Catholic school because his parents are openly gay is creating a nationwide stir, and has even faithful Catholics on opposing sides in attempting to ascertain the right thing to do.

This is a sad situation because you’re dealing with a child who is not at fault at all. If you’re interested, here’s some excellent thoughts on this issue from around the Catholic blogosphere:

In a post entitled “Moses and the Burning Bush” Fr. Bill Breslin, the priest who made the decision, writes about his decision making.

Jimmy Akin sees to the heart of the issue at the National Catholic Register.

Fr. Z writes at length about it at his blog. As always, Fr. Z is a great source for information.

Fr. James Martin has some pointed questions to ask because that’s what Jesuits do. But in fairness they are good questions and ones I had to sort through as well.

One thought I saw mentioned in a few comboxes I found just laughable. A number of people have said that this case is exactly why Catholic schools are suffering from lack of admissions. Is anybody really arguing that Catholic schools are suffering from TOO MUCH adherence to Catholic doctrine? Come on.

The whole thing is a sad situation but unfortunately I think it’s one we’re going to be seeing increasingly.