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Children Raised By Homosexuals More Likely to Be “Partly Homosexual”

There’s a couple of interesting things going on in this study concerning homosexuals raising children. Take a look. Joe Carter of First Things wrote: Are children born to and raised by lesbians more likely to engage in same-sex sexual activity?… Continue Reading →

Was Jesus a Hooligan?

Tolerance just ain’t what it used to be. Besides Lord and Savior, We’ve heard Jesus called many things. Some say he was a prophet, some say he was a post-modern hippie in pre-modern times, some say he was just an… Continue Reading →

Jesus Free Jobs

Christianity is the new secondhand smoke. Sure the libs will tell you, you’re allowed to smoke but if anyone else sees it, smells it, or inhales it, then it’s illegal. The ever expanding public sphere will similarly say that you… Continue Reading →

Child of Lesbian Couple Denied Entrance to Catholic School

The case of a the kindergarten age child who was refused an opportunity to return to his local Catholic school because his parents are openly gay is creating a nationwide stir, and has even faithful Catholics on opposing sides in… Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Fails…Again

This is bad news for those who have hope for Notre Dame University. Dr. Charles Rice has been writing a column for the Notre Dame Observer for many years. But this week, the editors refused to run his column on… Continue Reading →

Waiter! There’s a Felt Banner in My Soup!

This is Matt: We here at CMR have been huge fans of Erin Manning who blogs over at And Sometimes Tea. And so we wanted to have Erin write over here once a week for the next month as a… Continue Reading →

Evolution and Homosexuality

For many years, an incongruity has existed between evolution and a genetic explanation for homosexuality. If, as many argue, homosexuality is genetically determined then how does that fit into an evolutionary system that only rewards reproduction? Wouldn’t evolution have weeded… Continue Reading →

Mad Libs for The Culture War

Ever play Mad Libs as a kid? I had a lot of fun playing it. Well, the following is a real news story. But I’m taking out certain words and leaving it blank for you to fill in. Hundreds of… Continue Reading →

Gene’s Gay (Catholic) Get-together

Not content with merely tearing his own Church apart, openly homosexual Episcopal New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson is now meddling with ours. Apparently back in 2005 or so, Robinson helped lead a secret retreat of gay Catholic clergy. I cannot… Continue Reading →

Soto Voce

For quite some time many Catholic bloggers have become quite used to criticizing our Bishops for timidity or worse. Not these days. I enjoyed reading and writing about so many Bishops rising to take on heterodox politicians such as Biden… Continue Reading →

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