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Gay Choir Director Fired

According to TwinCities.com, After decades of honing his musical skills, Charles Philyaw landed his dream job in 2004 as the full-time director of music liturgy at St. Andrew Catholic Church in Verona. The church, with 1,643 adult members, was more… Continue Reading →

What Happened to Ten Percent?

In his latest rant, Andrew Sullivan urges Kathryn Jean Lopez to “come clean” and admit that opposing gay marriage “necessitates marginalization and second class citizenship.” Sullivan wrote of marriage: “We are not redefining it. We are making it available for… Continue Reading →

Stay Out The Bushes!

“We’d better get back, ’cause it’ll be dark soon, and they mostly come at night…mostly.”– Newt from the movie Aliens Imagine, you live in a nice neighborhood with nice neighbors surrounded by the beauty of nature. Each lawn, nicely manicured…. Continue Reading →

Man Sues Bible

A man is suing two Bible publishing houses, claiming their versions of the Bible that refer to homosexuality as a sin violates his constitutional rights and have caused him emotional pain and mental instability, says The Grand Rapids Press. Bradley… Continue Reading →

Alien Worshiping Glamour Lesbians Criticize the Church

Here’s the greatest lede in a newspaper article that I’ve ever read. It’s got everything. It’s got anti-Catholicism. It’s got holier-than-thou homosexuals. It’s got lunacy. It’s got faux-objective journalism. Ready for it? Here’s the lede from The Daily Telegraph: A… Continue Reading →

Gay Bishops Have Changed My Mind

English writer A.N. Wilson has an interesting piece in the Telegraph. Wilson thought the issue of gay clergy a settled one. Without question, Wilson thought, those who objected to gay clergy and bishops were closed minded, bigoted, and intolerant. Of… Continue Reading →

There Is Nothing Like A Dame … and a Dame?

There is nothin’ like a dame,Nothin’ in the world,There is nothin’ at a gameThat is anythin’ like a dame … and a dame? There is quite the hubbub (without the bub) going on in Seattle after two female Mariner fans… Continue Reading →

More Evidence America is Doomed

As if you needed more evidence that America is doomed I give you The St. Paul Saints, a minor league baseball team, infamous for its offbeat, sometimes edgy, promotions. But they’ve come up with a real doozy for this Sunday’s… Continue Reading →

What Part of No Did You Not Understand?

The Holy See has issued a clarification aimed at all those house of formation who tried to argue that somehow the 2005 Instruction that said No Homosexuals in the Seminary did not actually mean No Homosexuals in the Seminary. The… Continue Reading →

God Bless Everyone, No Exceptions

I was walking home with my children at sundown last night and a car stopped at a corner and waved my gang and I across the street. I waved and crossed. And when the car passed I watched it for… Continue Reading →

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