As if you needed more evidence that America is doomed I give you The St. Paul Saints, a minor league baseball team, infamous for its offbeat, sometimes edgy, promotions. But they’ve come up with a real doozy for this Sunday’s game.

While lots of sports franchises hand out bobblehead dolls, usually depicting their players, the Saints are handing out 2,500 “bobblefoot” Sen. Larry Craig dolls. The keepsakes consist of a miniature bathroom stall with a couple of lower legs and feet.

The team also takes pains to note: “It doesn’t matter if your tapping style is done with a ‘wide stance’ or is used as some sort of code.” That’s a none-too-subtle reference to Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig, who pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct after an undercover police officer arrested him for allegedly soliciting sex in a bathroom stall at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

The undercover officer who arrested Craig said the senator’s foot-tapping, bumping feet and swiping his hand under the bathroom stall amounted to well-known code used in soliciting sex. Craig, however, said his foot-tapping was the result of the fact that he has “a wide stance.”

Hey folks, fun is fun. If I’m just me I probably look at that and have a good laugh. But do you know how many children go to minor league baseball games? It’s supposed to be a family outing. How many awkward questions will be asked about this?

Alas. Alas, dear friends America is being flushed down the toilet. I fear there is nothing left but the gurgle.