I was walking home with my children at sundown last night and a car stopped at a corner and waved my gang and I across the street. I waved and crossed. And when the car passed I watched it for a moment and noticed a bumper stickers that said, “God Bless The Whole World, No Exceptions.”

I wondered what it meant.

Was it saying that some of us don’t want God to Bless some of us. I would assume they meant it as a knock on us homophobic Christian conservative types because we wouldn’t want God to bless everyone -only homophobic Christian conservatives.

I’d also make the point that God doesn’t love someone because of their sins but in spite of them.

The other possible meaning that sprung to mind was it was a knock on “God Bless America” by saying some wouldn’t want God to bless those Arab countries.

Are they saying we’re wrong to ask God to bless America? Because that would seem at least a little foolish, right? Aren’t we allowed to ask for particular blessings? When I pray for my children should I feel guilty because I didn’t pray as hard for my neighbor’s children, the starving children in China, or every child in the world for that matter? Asking God to bless America is not asking God to curse, smite and punish every other country.

Either way I question whether God should be used as a knock on anyone. Because clearly the sticker is not just a positive statement. They’re knocking someone, right? Is it a political statment or a religious one?

Does anyone know anything about these bumper stickers?