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School Changes Words to “God Bless the USA.”

An elementary school around Boston was having the kids sing at an assembly. Pretty typical stuff. The motif was about the 50 states and they were going to sing some songs. But the final song was set to be Lee… Continue Reading →

It’s All About Obama!

You can’t spell “America” with O-B-A-M-A. Well you could but who’d want to, right? At least Obama wouldn’t. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a politician as self obsessed as Obama -and that’s saying something. IN talking about American exceptionalism,… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Recipe for America’s Doom

I’ll admit I’m in a mood. I watched a video yesterday that really stuck with me. I put it up on The Reader under “That’s not Funny.” You can check it out but it shows high school kids who know… Continue Reading →

Soccer’s Reeeeaaally Boring But…

To me, this is almost as boring as humans playing soccer. Almost. (Only watch the first minute or so and you’ll get the idea.) But I must admit that anytime an American team lines up against another country I’m in…. Continue Reading →

Country Founded by Armed Religious Nutjobs Celebrates Anniversary

A country founded on the belief that human rights are derived from God is now somehow miraculously celebrating its 235th birthday. That same country was started with the belief that when the people are deprived of their God given rights… Continue Reading →

Thomas Peters vs. Vox Nova

This is awesome. I don’t often link to Thomas Peters of American Papist fame because I figure that most of the people who read us probably read him. But this is just too awesome to ignore. Thomas Peters decided to… Continue Reading →

Disappearing “Under God”

Check this one out at First Things by Robert George, a Princeton Professor, to see how “under God” isn’t being battled over, it’s just being disappeared. The Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address, and the Constitution of the United States… Continue Reading →

Palin: America Is a Christian Nation

Watch the latest news video at video.foxnews.com You’ve got to give it to Sarah Palin. When she speaks she doesn’t sound like any other politician in this country. All the others sound so… politician-ish when they speak. Too canned. Sometimes… Continue Reading →

Judge Strikes Down Nat’l Day of Prayer

The long national nightmare is over. The jackbooted thug theocracy instituted by George W. Bush called the National Day of Prayer is finally past. Over the past few years, who hasn’t received the ominous knock on the door and heard… Continue Reading →

America’s Sinking Will Have a Soundtrack

OK. Obama’s America is officially the Titanic now. Newsmax reports: Dozens of orchestras around the nation can keep playing for now, kept in tune by federal stimulus dollars aimed at saving jobs. The League of American Orchestras said Thursday that… Continue Reading →

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