This is awesome.

I don’t often link to Thomas Peters of American Papist fame because I figure that most of the people who read us probably read him. But this is just too awesome to ignore.

Thomas Peters decided to check out what the liberal Catholic blogosphere had to say about Lila Rose’s Planned Parenthood videos to hilarious effect. He checks out Vox Nova, America Magazine and the National Catholic Reporter among others.

Check it out here and then come back here because it gets better.

Vox Nova has responded in hilarious fashion. Seriously, this is the greatest response…evah. They accuse Peters (and Mark Shea) of idol worship. I knew there was a golden calf in Shea’s basement. I just knew it. Oh wait, not that kind of idol. Darn.

When I lived in the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House in Washington D.C., I participated in the vigils at Planned Parenthood, and asked a fellow Worker if she’d like to come. “Can’t do everything,” she said. “Not my thing.” And that’s the sort of answer that makes us think, “Wow, they just don’t get it.” The ongoing slaughter of children in the womb is one of the most frightening signs of the disintegration of Western Civilization.

And yet, standing so near the truth, Thomas Peters and Mark Shea and many of like-mind totally lose their minds. Example: they have likely Marched for Life in Washington D.C., but not before attending the idol-worshiping ceremonies that precede it, where the multitudes pledge their allegiance to a flag soaked in blood, to a Republic prostituted for Mammon, to a nation kneeling under a god called Constitution. “That’s just proper patriotism for the good parts of America,” they might say. But anyone who pledges allegiance to the American flag or gets goosebumps at the National Anthem just doesn’t get it: America is the greatest force for evil in the world in the history of mankind.

You’ve got to check it out. It’s just too awesome in its hyperbolic lunacy. I’m sending you to American Catholic who has some of the text because I don’t want to reward such foolishness at Vox Nova. And also Donald McClarey’s commentary is excellent as well.