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Thomas Peters vs. Vox Nova

This is awesome. I don’t often link to Thomas Peters of American Papist fame because I figure that most of the people who read us probably read him. But this is just too awesome to ignore. Thomas Peters decided to… Continue Reading →

Catholic Cover For Partisan Politics Part II

Some weeks back I wrote a piece critiquing Mark Shea‘s position regarding voting for McCain. Mark says that voting for McCain is a grave matter and potentially sinful based upon the other criteria for sin. This has resulted in Mark,… Continue Reading →

Unfair to Mark Shea

Some in the combox on my previous post have accused me of being unfair to Mark Shea. Perhaps they are right. I really don’t have any insight into why Mark is taking the position that he is and it was… Continue Reading →

Catholic Cover For Partisan Politics

In the wonderful play 1776, we see our founding fathers struggling with declaring independence. One of the subtexts of the entire play is the missed opportunity to rid the country of the objective evil of slavery. The culpability of of… Continue Reading →

Mark Shea’s Broad Brush

Mark Shea has an article on InsideCatholic.com in which he takes on “Those Angry Traditionalists.” In this article Mark portrays “traditionalists”as unchristian wild-eyed conspiracy nuts who in their enthusiasm for the Latin Mass think that clown masses are the rule… Continue Reading →

The Legend of Shea and Eden

Once upon a time, Mark Shea and Dawn Eden met in Seattle. Or so legend has it. In a fascinating exchange of scholarly insight into the alleged events show us that there may be less than meets the eye. Mark,… Continue Reading →

Will the Real Mark Shea Please Stand Up?

Mark Shea is one of the top dogs in the Catholic blogosphere and I truly enjoy reading his take on many items and issues. I don’t always agree with him but I respect him and I like him. Lately, I… Continue Reading →

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