Some in the combox on my previous post have accused me of being unfair to Mark Shea. Perhaps they are right. I really don’t have any insight into why Mark is taking the position that he is and it was probably rude of me to speculate in this area. From everything I have seen, Mark is Catholic first and partisan is certainly further down on the list. So my apologies to Mark and our readers for this aspect of my post.

With that said, I stand by my opinion that were Catholics to follow Mark’s lead and sit it out or to vote for a non-contending third party candidate increases the likelihood that the pro-death candidate and the pro-death party are victorious in November. The ramification of that victory could mean many more deaths over generations. To me that qualifies as cooperating with evil, even if unintentionally.

Again, apologies for the stupid speculation. But please, please don’t sit this election out.