There is nothin’ like a dame,
Nothin’ in the world,
There is nothin’ at a game
That is anythin’ like a dame … and a dame?

There is quite the hubbub (without the bub) going on in Seattle after two female Mariner fans decided to go deep tonsil diving right there in the stands during a game. An usher asked the ball fans (cough) to refrain from their public display of Californian behavior because it was making other fans uncomfortable. More reliable than the gag reflex is the reflexive response of the Ordinary Ministers of the Media — the complaining fans are obviously a bunch of medieval homophobes who have yet to adjust to baseball in the 21st century.

“[AP] Certain individuals have not yet caught up. Those people see a gay or lesbian couple and they stare or say something,” said Josh Friedes of Equal Rights Washington. “This is one of the challenges of being gay. Everyday things can become sources of trauma.”

Going potty is an everyday thing too, but if someone does it in the stands at a baseball game, I might throw my beer at them. Anyway, besides considering themselves above those antiquated morals these boorish babes consider themselves above ordinary manners as well.

What is the Christian parent to do when something like this happens in public? You can try to divert your child’s attention, but that only goes so far. Trouble is, these days there is nowhere to hide. Red Cardigan writes at the engaging And Sometimes Tea:

Sadly, we’ve all but become accustomed to this, hissing “Don’t look!” at our kids when we pass the magazine rack at the grocery store, resigning ourselves to a very limited selection of radio stations when the kids are in the car (or bringing CDs of kiddie music for longer trips), limiting or doing away with television altogether, avoiding movie theaters if the posters or previews are liable to feature scantily-clad women or four-letter words, and on and on. But the cultural infection keeps spreading and mutating past our efforts to inoculate against it, and the next thing we’ll have to start doing is avoiding those places where same-sex couples are likely to engage in some public acts of perversion in full view not only of Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public, but of all the little Publics, too. And that will only work for so long, before openly gay advertisements and openly gay magazine covers and even openly gay toys (perhaps a same-sex couple doll house family) start maneuvering themselves into our children’s line of sight.

While I am constitutionally adverse to making a scene, it is for the reasons that Red highlights above that I applaud the rooter remonstration. The lurid lesbians made a scene so it was perfectly appropriate for the offended fans to make a scene back. Besides, it probably gave them something better to do at a Mariners game besides watching them lose.