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Fish Tank in Stadium Upsets Animal Rights Nuts

A 20 foot fish tank recently built behind home plate at the Florida Marlins’ stadium is drawing the ire of animal rights activists. Sportsrageous reports “I can tell you even if the glass doesn’t shatter, [stadium noise is] going to… Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful National Anthem I’ve Heard

At Disability Day at Fenway Park an autistic man sings the National Anthem. When he seems to have a little trouble…well, just watch what happens. It’s great. HT Viral Footage

Vid: Heartwarming Baseball Moment

This is one of the greatest baseball moments since the ball skipped through Bill Buckner’s gimpy legs. Seriously, it’s pure heartwarming American as apple pie goodness.

Worst Dad…Evah!!!

Getting ready for Father’s Day, this video should be a cautionary tale about what not to do. There may be worse fathers whose bad-Dad-ness was televised nationally but I can’t think of any. And to make it worse the guy… Continue Reading →

A Honus Wagner Christmas

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports: The School Sisters of Notre Dame, who had been bequeathed the 100-year-old card, thought they had a buyer last month when it sold for $220,000 at a Dallas-based auction house. When that buyer reneged, auction officials… Continue Reading →

Ump Blows Call. Ruins Perfect Game

Let me set the scene. Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga was one out away from pitching a perfect game. That’s one out away from eternal baseball fame. There were two outs in the ninth inning and a ground ball in… Continue Reading →

Obama: Wild Pitch to the Left

Who’d a thunk it? President Obama can’t decide which uniform to wear so he wears two, he overthinks it on the mound and dithers for a while before actually throwing the pitch. And when he does, he throws it weakly,… Continue Reading →

Baseball Player Enters Priesthood

Here’s a sports story from ESPN that’s not about some professional player shooting up horse urine in order to put baseballs into orbit, it’s not about a football player kicking dogs or beating his wife, or a golfer cheating on… Continue Reading →

Arlen Specter Switches to Yankees Fan

In a hastily called press conference coming just hours after the New York Yankees convincing victory last night in Game Four of the World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter announced today that he is now a… Continue Reading →

Greatest Dad Evah!

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