In a hastily called press conference coming just hours after the New York Yankees convincing victory last night in Game Four of the World Series over the Philadelphia Phillies, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter announced today that he is now a Yankees fan.

Specter said the move had nothing to do with the Yankees victory last night giving them a 3-1 lead in the series. “I haven’t felt like a Phillies fan for quite some time,” said Specter. “I am not leaving the Phillies. The Phillies left me.”

Specter’s long time discontent came as a surprise to many who celebrated last year’s World Series win by the Phillies along with Specter.

But New York Senator Chuck Schumer praised the longtime Phillies fan saying that this move by Specter highlights his “fierce independence.”

“Arlen’s independence, integrity and baseball intellect are to be admired and I’ll be pleased to be sitting in Yankee stadium near him when the Yankees win the World Series,” said Schumer.

According to some inside sources, Specter was expecting to be handed box seats at Yankee stadium upon his announcement but it turned out he was not given seniority over other season ticket holders and was only offered seats in the boisterous mezzanine level.

Specter infamously switched parties earlier this year when it appeared that he might not win in the Republican primary against his GOP challenger Pat Toomey.