A 20 foot fish tank recently built behind home plate at the Florida Marlins’ stadium is drawing the ire of animal rights activists.

Sportsrageous reports

“I can tell you even if the glass doesn’t shatter, [stadium noise is] going to cause a tremendous vibration and disturb and upset the fish,” Animal Rights Foundation of Florida spokesman Don Anthony said. “Fish are not a decoration.”

There are roughly 100 fish inside the two, 20-feet-long tanks which line the backstop area in the park. They were reportedly tested-successfully- by having the team’s first baseman Gaby Sanchez wing baseballs at them. The aquariums are also temperature-controlled and suspended on flexible material called neoprene.

However, these tests have not convinced activists that fish belong in such a setting.

“No matter how many shock absorbers they build into the system, if there are thousands of fans screaming and jumping during a sporting event it’s going to affect the fish in there,” Anthony said.

OK. Coupla’ things. One -We’ve had fish and frogs in our house. (Mostly on purpose.) And let me tell you, it gets pretty darn loud in our house at times. Have you heard how little girls react when Dads try to brush their hair? And through it all, the fish seemed fine. And we didn’t even have shock absorbers.

Two – Look, these fish could be out in the water getting eaten by larger fish. We took them out of that environment. If you ask me, that was darn nice of us.

Three – They’re fish. Mobile appetizers. That’s all.

Four – These are the Marlins. Have you see their lineup? There’s not going to be a whole lot of yelling and jumping around at their games.