This is kinda’ like a dream and a nightmare.

A dude got caught under his car, which whether you’re a doctor or not you have to realize is pretty bad. Yup. It’s kind of bad when a Cadillac sits on your ribcage and pushes down onto your heart (which from what I understand is sometimes in fancy shmancy book learnin’ terms called a “vital organ”. So realizing that his puny arms couldn’t lift the two tons of Cadillac off of himself, he had a choice to make.

Do you just take your punishment and realize that there are many ways for a man to die and maybe getting crushed by an American made car ain’t the worst way to go. Or you can scream like a little girl. He chose to scream like a little girl. And who comes running to his rescue? Cheerleaders.

Come on. That guy had to wonder if his Cadillac had somehow turned into a genie lamp.

According to the University of Kansas:

At about 5:15 p.m. Sunday, Kansas cheerleaders, dancers and band members headed out of their hotel lobby to load the bus that would transport them to the Jack Stephens Center down the road where the KU basketball team was taking on Nebraska in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. As they approached the bus, the group heard someone yelling a short distance away in the parking lot, asking for help. Without hesitation, the spirit squad dropped everything and ran over to a Cadillac sedan with its hood propped open.

As they reached the scene, KU’s yell leaders and band members saw that a man was trapped underneath the car. Apparently the car had been propped up on a jack but the vehicle had rolled off the support beam trapping someone who had crawled underneath. It took nine spirit squad and band members to lift the car but once they did, the man who was pinned between the car and ground was able to crawl out. Covered in grease and blood, the gentleman was disoriented but otherwise ok.

KU’s spirit squad and band became nothing less than heroes that evening but explained they only did what anyone in their position would have done. After the incident, everyone continued on their way to the Jayhawks’ basketball game where they cheered KU to an exciting 57-49 victory over Nebraska.

That’s pretty darn awesome. And it’s kinda’ the dream. Dude’s in trouble and who comes running but cheerleaders?! The guy must have thought he was hallucinating, right?

But, on the other hand, the dude was saved by a bunch of little girls so I’m thinking his buddies will probably be focused on that part of the story.